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Fun in the Sun – Why Mangroves are cool!

Bonefishing in the mangroves

I thought today I would aim to entice you to look at mangroves through the eyes of a group of people called “Eco-Tourists”. These people are a peculiar people! (smile). As a group, they are generally nature lovers, appreciate the fresh air of the outdoors, and are intrigued by even the smallest hint of nature […]

Mangrove swamps – A snorkeling experience

mangrove snorkel

I know it seems kind of spooky sometimes when you visit mangrove areas, but you would be surprised to know that mangrove ecosystems are some of the most beautiful snorkel sites. Where are the colors on this snorkel trip? Do not expect to see colorful reef fish and animals in a mangrove snorkel. Instead expect […]

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Mangrove Facts and Myths


There are so many common myths about mangrove trees and mangrove environments in general. Here are 3 of the common ones I usually hear. 1. Mangroves are dirty – Fact – Mangroves are actually rich with nutrients and filter sediment for other marine environments such as coral reefs. 2. Only young wildlife lives in mangroves […]

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5 Reasons Why Mangroves Are important

white ibis

1. Mangroves help to build up land. 2. Mangroves are a nursery for fish, crabs, birds and many other animals 3. Mangroves protect seagrasses and coral reefs from being smothered by too much sand. 4. Mangroves buffer the coast and protect it from wave action and storms 5. Mangroves are the source of important fisheries

Welcome to the Mangrove Hub

Mangrove swamp

Welcome to the Mangrove Hub. You will learn everything you always wanted to know about these intriguing trees. Mangroves refer to a group of salt tolerant plants which reside in partially or completely moist environments. The overall environment in which the plant resides including the water, animals, bacteria, fungi and others plants all constitute a […]


What are the Arguments For and Against Saving Mangroves? Part 2

what are the arguments for and against saving mangroves

This is the last of a 2 part post in which I talk about the arguments for and against saving mangroves. To see part one click here. Why Not Save Mangroves?  There are many countries which are suffering from over population. Resources are scarce, land is scarce and people are doing the best they can […]

What are the Arguments For and Against Saving Mangroves? Part 1

mangroves fish healthy

Mangroves are becoming more popular The first recorded report on mangroves was dated back to 325 B.C. Today, there are thousands of reports out there based on intense research into mangrove communities.  In addition to this, the earth has never seen such a huge spike in human population. 6 billion people all in need of […]

Animals in the Mangroves

animals found in the mangroves

Today we will take a look at the different animals found in the mangroves. Lets look at them based on their scientific categorization.                Fish – bonefish, needle nose gar, mangrove snappers, parrot fish, barracuda Crustaceans – Mangrove tree crab, blue crab Mollusks – Mangrove tree snail Birds – […]

What Does Garbage do to Mangrove Plant Part 3

what does garbage do to the mangrove plants

This is the third part in a 3 part post about what garbage does to the mangrove plant. To read part 1 click here, to read part 2 click here We talked about the affect of liquid waste and oil waste on mangrove plants, now lets look at what metal waste does to the mangrove […]

What Does Garbage do to Mangrove Plant Part 2

what does garbage do to mangrove plants

This is the second part in a 3 part series about what garbage does to the Mangrove plant. For part 1 click here. We looked at what liquid waste does to the mangrove plants but lets now consider what oil waste does to the plants.   Oil waste Oil waste from boating, shipping activities, fuel […]

What Does Garbage do to Mangrove Plants Part 1

what does garbage do to mangrove plants

There is lots of information out there about what garbage does to the overall mangrove community. But not much information about its affect on the actual mangrove trees!               In order to fully understand the effect of garbage on the mangrove plant, we need to consider something very important. […]

The Buttonwood Mangrove

buttonwood tree

              The buttonwood mangrove is found along the coast, but in dryer conditions than the red mangrove. Take a look at those red button-shaped flowers. You can easily remember the name of this tree because of these flowers which are shaped like old-time buttons. The leaves are semi succulent, […]

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