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5 Reasons Why Mangroves Are important

white ibis

1. Mangroves help to build up land. 2. Mangroves are a nursery for fish, crabs, birds and many other animals 3. Mangroves protect seagrasses and coral reefs from being smothered by too much sand. 4. Mangroves buffer the coast and protect it from wave action and storms 5. Mangroves are the source of important fisheries

Welcome to the Mangrove Hub

Mangrove swamp

Welcome to the Mangrove Hub. You will learn everything you always wanted to know about these intriguing trees. Mangroves refer to a group of salt tolerant plants which reside in partially or completely moist environments. The overall environment in which the plant resides including the water, animals, bacteria, fungi and others plants all constitute a […]


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