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Mangrove swamps – A snorkeling experience

I know it seems kind of spooky sometimes when you visit mangrove areas, but you would be surprised to know that mangrove ecosystems are some of the most beautiful snorkel sites.

Where are the colors on this snorkel trip?

Do not expect to see colorful reef fish and animals in a mangrove snorkel. Instead expect to see a rich assortment of mangrove snappers, sponges, tiny coral fragments, algae and sometimes, blue holes! Actually, if you do notice any colorful reef fish, chances are, they are simply passing through the mangroves on their way to and from the reef. these animals will stand out and be susceptible to predators.

Ever wondered why the fish and marine life was so “drab” in color? I can not say that I know why their color is dull, but I do know that this trait is a fierce adaptation to allow the animals to hide and camouflauge in the already drab surroundings.

Try Mangrove Snorkeling

My experience snorkeling the mangroves have been one of the most awesome experiences ever! It just so happens, that this area had an assortment of blue holes ranging in depth from 10 feet to about 30 feet deep. One thing to keep in mind about blue holes, however is that if they can be “active”. An “active” blue hole is connected to underground cave system and is affected by the tidal movements. So be sure if you ever snorkel an active blue hole, that you do so at neutral or slack tide. I will talk more about mangrove blue holes in another post. Until then, take care and have some mangrove fun!


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