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The Buttonwood Mangrove








The buttonwood mangrove is found along the coast, but in dryer conditions than the red mangrove. Take a look at those red button-shaped flowers. You can easily remember the name of this tree because of these flowers which are shaped like old-time buttons. The leaves are semi succulent, green and have two red notches located at the base.


The soil where the plant grows is very salty, because the plant grows near the coast. Somehow the plant must find a way to get rid of the extra salt it intakes; otherwise, it will die. So how does the plant survive these salty conditions? Salt is ejected through the two red notches located at the base of the leaf. When it rains, the salt is washed away from the plant and the process just continues as long as the tree is living and healthy.

  • Georgina

    This post is interestng. I never knew the plant collected so much salt. Cool extrusion mechanism!

    • mangroveadmin

      Thank you Georgina. Yes, the interesting thing about all the mangrove plants is that they each have their own way of dealing with the salty environment

  • Adriana

    thanks for share!

    • mangroveadmin

      You are welcome.