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What Does Garbage do to Mangrove Plant Part 3

This is the third part in a 3 part post about what garbage does to the mangrove plant. To read part 1 click here, to read part 2 click here

We talked about the affect of liquid waste and oil waste on mangrove plants, now lets look at what metal waste does to the mangrove plant.

Metal Waste 

Finally we will look at metal waste. This waste can be a result of activities in food-processing plants, paper mills, and leather-tanning factories. Mangrove plants have a very low composition of metals. The mangrove roots seem to act as a barrier to prevent metals from flowing throughout the plant. A plaque is formed around the root surfaces to prevent metals from entering the roots. However, in the parts of the plant where metals can enter, there is a mechanism in place to prevent the metals from flowing liberally throughout the plant body. So there appears to be no extreme affect of metal waste on mangrove plants.

Overall, mangrove plants with its array of adaptations and physical features are somewhat sturdy plants. But garbage or waste, in sufficient quantities, over a long period of time, will result in a chain reaction affecting the plants’ ability to take root, grow, reproduce and provide the all important benefits commonly associated with mangrove communities.